Oradea, between 19.09.2022 - 18.10.2022

Magic Garden

After dusk, the fantastic world of the Baroque Palace Garden in Oradea comes to life. Come to see it!


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About project

Magic Garden started from the idea to give added value to historical public space, so as to involve contemporary art and new media.

In the Garden of the Roman Catholic Episcopal Palace in Oradea, we will do an art installation exhibition which will have the history of the Palace as inspiration for the artistic theme.


Monday - Sunday between
20:30 - 24:00
The Roman Catholic Episcopal Palace of Oradea
Bihor County

Advance appointments are required to access the Magic Garden exhibit.

We strongly recommend purchasing tickets before arrival on site in order to allow visitors to enjoy ideal time schedules.

Enjoy a unique experience with Fantastic creatures Living nature Historical personalities


Magic Garden Map


Enter through the portal and receive the gift of the power to watch the garden come to life.

The friendly staff

That's it, you've taken the first step. You are no longer a mere spectator, you are part of the story. You can change things around you.

The composer's clearing

A famous conductor has returned to Oradea and is ready to hold a concert in front of you. Where is the orchestra? All around you.

Lit island

Did you know that street lamps grow on trees? Discover a different island and different trees.

The king’s story

One of the legends of the knight king is happening right in front of you. Which one should it be?

Sisi's boudoir

Empress Sisi has returned to the Palace Garden. Or maybe it just seemed to you?

Surprise meeting

A personality from the history of this place blocks your path. You think she's just a weirder person, but she's more than that.

Step into the light

You will find an alley totally changed from how you knew it. Where is she taking you?

The heart of the Gaya

Listen to Gaia's heart and notice how the place changes with each beat. Here is the place where every picture turns out great. We promise you.

The enchanted garden

With your help, the hidden and dark garden will become the most spectacular place in the city. How else to end the Magic Garden adventure?

Once you enter the Magic Garden, you take a break from reality and gain the power to see the garden like you've never seen it before.
Nature is alive, personalities related to the history of the place roam free, fantastic creatures also make an appearance, and you are not just a spectator. You actively help turn everything around you into a spectacle.

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